The Ore Dock BotEco Center

Our goal is to create a special place on Marquette's waterfront that achieves a sustainable balance of educational, recreational and commercial uses.

1) Ecological Education and Research Facilities
2) Year-round Indoor Botanical Gardens
3) Historical Preservation and Education
4) Community Spaces

  • Ownership timeline per City Planner Dave Stensaas: The Ore Dock has been owned by the City of Marquette since 2002 and is under a 25-year lease agreement with the State of Michigan, extending to 2023 with another 25 year extension period, taking it to 2048. 
  • Allowable uses are being worked out with the City, the DEQ, and the Army Corps of Engineers. 
  • Our design will take into account the following: safety, constructability, preservation, cost, aesthetics, the environment, and the ability to operate and maintain the facility. The #1 reason we rally around this option is that it will help make our wonderful community be an even better place to live! 
  • In 2014, a City-financed structural study found the Ore Dock to be structurally sound, both above and below water. 
  • Selling points from then-City Commissioner, Fred Stonehouse,  during a 2012 special work session of the City Commission regarding adding a public promenade included “The dock is about 869 feet long, so we could gain almost 200 foot of waterfront by doing that with the ore dock [build a public promenade]”, “to allow folks to be able to get out and enjoy our lakefront from a uniquely different perspective”.
  • Per City Planner Stensaas, the City will need to initiate a public planning process.